Saturday, February 07, 2009

Extras #1

That footnote on the inside back cover still seems a bit abrupt but there wasn't another moment to spare for enthusing about the movie by the time the whole thing was printed.
(Not much change there but anyway!)

The zine was never really promoted beyond the half-page advert (above) which appeared in the October 1998 edition of Comics International. 'John Michael' was a '90's pseudonym and Class of '79 a Judge Dredd fanzine which folded before this could go in it:

It was Lee Davis, editor of a small-press comic called Equinox who put me in touch with Tony Wright and Lee featured a subsequent 'essay-type' interview on what we were working on in an early issue of Imagineers which focused on small-press creativity. At least I think it was published (!) but here's what was sent anyway:

I'll have to forward the rest of these bits & pieces separately, so that Blogger doesn't get indigestion but what a wondrous facility for the computer-clueless!

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