Saturday, February 07, 2009

Extras #8

(Cast & Director)

And what better way to approach the stage of Fade down and roll end credits. . .

All photographs remain the copyright of Universal City Studios

Extras #7

Well, maybe 'Extras' is none too apt a title for this particular post!
The black and white screenprints seemed to take on a 'portrait' effect in the zine and similarly, the cover came out okay without any pixellation. Still, you just can't beat the colour stuff. . .
All photographs remain the copyright of Universal City Studios.

Extras #6

Here's a couple of highly recommendable books that are bound to be reviewed somewhere else. . .

Extras #5

This postcard provided the reference for page four of the 'Allison' sequence:

Extras #4

An editor's dilemma: I received a splendid review of the Breakfast Club soundtrack which seemed uncensorable although it laid into Simple Minds just a bit; and this after I'd been provided with an equally superb sheet of pre-Google insight from the editor of the Simple Minds fanzine!

(Which has since evolved into the impressive: )

I extended an appropriate apologia at the time and Simon kindly plugged our zine in his publication. Here's what you missed anyway. . .

Extras #3

I'll save this spot for a photo of Tony and myself from when we next get a chance to meet up for mirthful ranting over a beer or twelve in Camden Town's World's End pub.

Y'know, I can hear the soothing bedlam already..!

Extras #2

(An old advert: please don't reply but there may still be copies at )

Tony Wright is even more of a bozo than myself when it comes to computers but a brilliant painter these days whose work has recently entered the websphere.

(See Links)

Let's hope his talent will soon attract appropriate recognition. In the meantime, here's a couple of tasty illos from Tony's 4-issue Armoured Ant series and a snapshot preview taken from a recent set of large-scale depictions of 2000ad villainy - soon to be unleashed!

The scanned photo hardly captures the quality of this particular piece but you get the gist - in fact, the Mean Machine almost looks cute in some of the more regular renditions!

Tony's last affair with strip illustration was for The Least Among Us - a graphic novel set in the murky pond of clergy sex-abuse shenanigans:

Extras #1

That footnote on the inside back cover still seems a bit abrupt but there wasn't another moment to spare for enthusing about the movie by the time the whole thing was printed.
(Not much change there but anyway!)

The zine was never really promoted beyond the half-page advert (above) which appeared in the October 1998 edition of Comics International. 'John Michael' was a '90's pseudonym and Class of '79 a Judge Dredd fanzine which folded before this could go in it:

It was Lee Davis, editor of a small-press comic called Equinox who put me in touch with Tony Wright and Lee featured a subsequent 'essay-type' interview on what we were working on in an early issue of Imagineers which focused on small-press creativity. At least I think it was published (!) but here's what was sent anyway:

I'll have to forward the rest of these bits & pieces separately, so that Blogger doesn't get indigestion but what a wondrous facility for the computer-clueless!

'Class of '85' (Back Cover)

Acknowledgements (page 31)

Sountrack Appraisal (pages 29-30)

Poem (page 28)

Allison: still (page 27)

Claire: still (page 26)

Gym sequence (pages 24-25)

Brian: still (page 23)

Guys' toilets sequence (pages 21-22)

Andrew: still (page 20)

Janitor sequence (pages 17-19)

John: still (page 16)

Library sequence (pages 14-15)

'The cutting room floor' (page 13)

John Hughes: Filmography (page 12)

'The John Hughes Film' feature (pages 10-11)

Alison: still (page 9)

'Ray of Light' (pages 3-8)

The printer made a real hash of the lettratone which featured in this comic strip version of 'Alison' although the artwork subsequently enjoyed a decade or so's feature on the landmark 'Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie' 'Club fansite (which eventually croaked during 2013) ~ so back where it belongs, I suppose: There's also a spot of exposition over at: