Saturday, February 07, 2009

Extras #8

(Cast & Director)

And what better way to approach the stage of Fade down and roll end credits. . .

All photographs remain the copyright of Universal City Studios

Extras #7

Well, maybe 'Extras' is none too apt a title for this particular post!
The black and white screenprints seemed to take on a 'portrait' effect in the zine and similarly, the cover came out okay without any pixellation. Still, you just can't beat the colour stuff. . .
All photographs remain the copyright of Universal City Studios.

Extras #6

Here's a couple of highly recommendable books that are bound to be reviewed somewhere else. . .

Extras #5

This postcard provided the reference for page four of the 'Allison' sequence:

Extras #4

An editor's dilemma: I received a splendid review of the Breakfast Club soundtrack which seemed uncensorable although it laid into Simple Minds just a bit; and this after I'd been provided with an equally superb sheet of pre-Google insight from the editor of the Simple Minds fanzine!

(Which has since evolved into the impressive: )

I extended an appropriate apologia at the time and Simon kindly plugged our zine in his publication. Here's what you missed anyway. . .

Extras #3

I'll save this spot for a photo of Tony and myself from when we next get a chance to meet up for mirthful ranting over a beer or twelve in Camden Town's World's End pub.

Y'know, I can hear the soothing bedlam already..!